Like the majority of pet rescue organizations, we remain at maximum capacity 99% of the time. As one of very few no-kill shelters in Hunt County, this can mean that intake requests may need to remain on our waitlist for a few days or weeks before we can try to assist. Unfortunately at most county shelters, surrendered pets stand very little chance of being adopted quickly enough to avoid euthanization (less than one week). That's being said, we always try to help. 


To request for a pet to be added to our wait list, please complete our Intake Request Form. Please be as specific as possible and provide as many details as you can, like any health issues or social status. Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email asking for additional information. Please reply with a photo of the dog and any other important information, i.e. does the dog get along with other pets, children, cats etc. or does he/she walk on leash, know basic commands or are they house trained, for example? If you have existing vaccination records, please include them as well.


Don't forget to provide us with your address and contact phone number so that we can reach out to you once space becomes available. We operate solely, and rely upon donations to help the dogs in this area. An intake donation would be appreciated to help offset the cost of daily care and medications for the dog until they can be adopted.

Additional information pertaining to found dogs or the re-homing of dogs is available below. 

Found a Dog

Unfortunately there are a lot of stray and abandoned dogs in our area. If you found a stray or loose dog, please follow the tips and suggestions on this page

AdoptAPet Rehome

Find Your Pet a Loving Forever Home with the help of AdoptAPet. For info, click the image below.

Re-Homing Questions

It's not an easy decision and avoidable at most times, but if you must relinquish your pet, please ask these questions to ensure he / she finds a loving new forever home.

TBC Project Underdog

If you are a dog owner and the victim of domestic abuse and are seeking temporary housing in a shelter but fear for your pet’s well-being or safety, please review the information on this page for assistance.