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Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue is a non profit animal rescue & sanctuary just east of Dallas, in Quinlan, Texas. We have 22 acres devoted to housing healthy, happy rescued dogs and puppies. As a no-kill rescue organization, we promote spaying/neutering and the humane treatment of all companion animals. We receive no support from the city of Quinlan, our county, our state or the federal government. We survive solely on donations and adoption fees.

MISSION: Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs and puppies that are hungry, helpless and homeless in the Quinlan / Hunt County area and beyond.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue was born out of a deep love and concern for animals. It began because of the huge need in a community with no city or county animal services. Many times puppies, pregnant and unwanted dogs are left at our entrance or tied to our gate overnight. They are all in need of a safe place to live and recover from the harsh life of being hungry, homeless or unwanted.

Every TBC dog run is covered with large carports, dog igloos with large covered feeders and water tanks. The dogs also have a separate water tank, so they can cool themselves off during the hot days of summer. The runs are large and spacious, "dog run" doesn't really describe their fenced in areas.

Adoption is our ultimate goal for these precious animals and we have found homes for thousands. There are many heartwarming stores of our furry friends finding the right home and the joy they bring to those that have adopted them.


We believe in providing more than just a place for pets to wait for their forever home, as we are a happy place where the dogs thrive as they wait. It is our goal to provide long term care if needed or the opportunity through adoption to give each dog the story that says, "and they lived happily ever after". On average, we provide daily care to about 100+ dogs.


Schedule a visit to learn more about us, we'd love to show you around. To get a digital view of our facilities, some of our pups and the rescue in general, please check out this video.




















Shelter Animals Count

Shelter Animals Count (SAC) is a national organization formed by a diverse group of partners focused on creating and sharing a national database of sheltered animal statistics, providing facts and enabling insights that will help shelters save lives. To review our annual SAC reports, please click on the links below:


2018 Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue SAC Report

2017 Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue SAC Report

2016 Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue SAC Report

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