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Found a Lost Dog in Hunt County - Suggestions / Helpful Hints 

1. Bring the pet to safety and provide food, water and shelter, if possible.

2. Take a good photo of the pet.


3. If possible, take the pet to a local veterinarian and have them scan for a microchip.


4. Call all the shelters in your area and file a found report, email pictures.


5. Create a FREE FLYER at:


6. The above flyer can be printed and also shared on social media.


Sites to consider:


7. Print the flyer and post it on all surrounding areas, vet clinics, street corners


8. Please DO NOT take the pet to the Greenville Animal Shelter. This shelter is a high kill shelter and the pet will stand little chance of making it out alive.


9. If owner can’t be found, contact local area no-kill rescues for help. They may have a wait list but they will ensure that the found pet will find a proper new loving home.


THANK YOU for helping a lost fur baby!!!

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