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Dog of the Month

Aven & Avery

Hello future Mom & Dad,

Our friends at TBC thought we should introduce ourselves to you. We are Aven & Avery. You may remember us from when we joined the rescue over the summer.  We looked very different back then and were pretty scared and confused because we didn’t know what we did wrong to deserve to be abandoned all by ourselves in the middle of the night. Our finder provided us with a temporary foster home until our friends at Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue could make room for us. During our time at the foster home we’ve been very well behaved. We never had an accident in the house, learned the dog door and got along with all the other „fur friends“.


Once we „moved“ in at the rescue, our TBC friends spent a lot of time with us and continued to ensure us that everything is going to be ok. They taught us to trust and walk on the leash, and took awesome care of us to ensure that with the right medical treatment we would grow beautiful coats. They even took us to the local clinic and had us spayed and neutered.

We are writing you today because we thought that you may be looking to new furbabies to your family, and we were hoping that maybe now the time would be right to take us home for the holidays. Since we are very bonded siblings, nothing would be better than to be adopted together. The good folks at Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue would even be willing to adopt us at a two for one adoption fee. We are up to date on all medications and are really looking for our happily ever after. We love People so much that we would be your perfect companions all day and every day!!

If you’re unsure about bringing us both home, we would also love the chance to stay with you for a holiday foster „staycation“ during which we could show you just how sweet we are. We are sure you will fall in love with us just as much as we will unconditionally love you!!

So what do you say? Would you like to meet us? Just contact our friends at TBC Animal Rescue and they‘ll be happy to invite you over for a meet and greet! We really hope to hear from you!!


Avery & Aven

Aven & Avery Before