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Guest Dog Program

As we remain at maximum capacity, and until we have a significant increase in adoptions, we cannot take in any additional animals. Since so many others need help on a daily basis, this is devastating for our area. To continue assistance, we have implemented a guest dog program. With this program, we offer those needing help with a found animal or the ones needing to surrender their animal an alternative to prevent the animal from being surrendered to a high kill shelter. 


How does it work?

  • The current owner, or finder of an abandonded pet, continues to care for the pet but requests to have the pet added to the TBC guest dog program

  • The current owner will provide good photos and a biography/story about the pet.

  • While on the program, the caregiver will continue to find a new home for the pet. 

  • We will assist with photography and listing tips, as well as other information on how to make the pet adoptable. 

  • The pet will be listed as adoptable on our web links and social media until a new loving furever home can be found. 

  • TBC Animal Rescue will vet potential adopters to ensure the pet will be provided with a safe new home. 

  • The caregiver is responsible to bring the pet to TBC Animal Rescue for potential adoption appointments and meet and greets. 

  • Once an adopter is found, the adoption fee will be payable to Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue. 


​When requesting to have a pet added to our guest dog program, please be as specific as possible and provide as many details as you can, like any health issues or social status. Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email asking for additional information. Please reply with various good photos of the dog and any other important information, i.e. does the dog get along with other pets, children, cats etc. or does he/she walk on leash, know basic commands or are they house trained, for example. If you have existing vaccination records, please include them as well.

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